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The 11th Orange is the Arts and Art Therapies Studio for Laurie Maves ART located in Sarasota, Florida

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COVID-19 Statement June 2020

     The 11th Orange Arts and Art Therapies  studio is open to the public. Until further notice, all classes will practice appropriate social distancing with 6′ between students and no more than 4 students per classroom. We provide latex gloves, but please bring your own mask.

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10 Stay at Home ART projects

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5 STAR REVIEWS: What Students Are Saying

  • Catherine Liott    

    Laurie creates an environment that feels safe to experiment with materials and subject matter that is important to the student in a non/judgmental fashion. She is professional and fun to work/play with!

  • Leann Fellmeth    

    I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush in quite some time. I liked her painting style and that’s important to me. She took the time to understand where I was, not a beginner but still someone with with much to learn. Her guidance was perfect for me. I learned, but even more importantly I had FUN! I’ll take another workshop. Once would never be enough!

  • Laurie Myers    

    Going into the night (large canvas – abstract), I was so nervous. I would not consider myself creative so the large canvas was intimidating. Laurie was so encouraging and gentle with her suggestions. She really listened to me when I explained what I wanted and she helped make my vision a reality. I ended up enjoying myself and loving my project. Would highly recommend her classes.

  • Dawn Merrill    

    It is always so refreshing to take a class with Laurie. She takes the time to explain different techniques and never criticizes, always finds the good in what you do! She is a fabulous teacher.

  • Holly Sroka    

    in my first painting experience in 40 years, Laurie was very encouraging and created a “safe”, non critical or comparative space in which I could feel free to experiment. She was kind in acknowledging my initial insecurities and gave simple instructions in just how to begin. Once I became more confident, she was available for comments and suggestions on how to go for what I was aiming. I recommend her highly as a gentle, experienced teacher whose mission is help people learn about themselves through art. I am not an artist, but I am sure she would have very good instructions to be a better artist. Her work is beautiful and inspirational.

  • Judy Malton    

    Laurie is passionate about encouraging us to find the joy in making art!! Her classes at 11th Orange are fun and freeing… and her work is amazing…. We are lucky to have Laurie and her studio in Sarasota!


    Open enthusiastic attentive teacher in a joyful space that supports and encourages creativity and expansion. My favorite cheerleader has credentials and a beautiful heart.

  • Barbara Carbone    

    Laurie doesn’t impose any certain way for me to create my painting. She encourages me to create as if I were a child. Unafraid and following her example. There is no right or wrong and no one is ever judging. I’m amazed at the result every time. The energy of her studio and her students make me feel like I’m home!! It truly is very freeing!!

  • Georgia Kopelousos    

    I attend Laurie’s Be Free class on a regular basis. Laurie has a unique ability to help her students drop their judgment and pretense and escape into the “process” of making art, rather than focusing on the final outcome. Laurie provides guidance and encouragement throughout the process, but leaves it up to her students to take the painting in whichever direction they choose. I’ve learned that it’s the process of painting for me that I enjoy most, and it’s one of my favorite ways to spend three hours. I highly recommend Laurie and all of her classes.

  • Shane Martin    

    I had an absolute blast working with Laurie! Her passion for helping her students navigate through the process of letting go and feeling their way through the work was such a freeing experience for me. Thank you Laurie!

  • Kimu    

    It was an open and safe space to make marks. Very inspiring and supportive.

  • Elizabeth Massey Chasky    

    She is an amazing communicator, fun, she takes the intimidation out of art and guides you through your own process. What awesome experience in connecting with the deepest parts of yourself!

  • David Banks    

    The studio has a great atmosphere, plenty of room to move around and find what you need. There are tons of supplies and colors and tools to work with. And Laurie is great with support and guidance. It won’t matter if you are excited or nervous Laurie will coach in your right direction.

  • Mary Vassar    

    Laurie offers both a sanctuary and ongoing laboratory for me at her studio, The 11th Orange. She wisely guides and supports me in connecting with my inner muse, my paints and the canvas without any preconceived ideas, judgment, or concern for the product. The resulting imagery becomes a visual diary my inner world. Sometimes there are “aha” moments or frustration or laughter. Laurie is a fun, warm and encouraging spirit to all her students. Because Laurie is an accomplished artist she can always offer technical expertise to her students when called upon. During the break for group sharing she brings unique insights and the right balance of prompting for the next step in our process. Doesn’t matter if you have art training or not, give yourself a gift to join in on the fun at one of her workshops.

  • Laura Carnevale.    

    Laurie is a fun, compassionate, brilliant artist and teacher. I love Laurie Maves and can’t wait to come back to paint with her!

  • Erica Estopinal    

    I love Laurie’s engaging personality and spirit, and i love how much she wants you to enjoy yourself. Her class is a positive, creative atmosphere. A ‘no judgment’ zone. Just be free to express yourself however u feel. I always leave her class feeling happier and lighter and proud of myself. Its the perfect atmosphere for everyone, no matter their art experience level.

  • Christina Solomon-Bonilla    

    Laurie Is a master art teacher, She taught me how to be comfortable, to be free with my ideas and to not be afraid to take risks. Laurie encouraged me to just let go of my self judgement on my paintings. Her passion for art and people combined is the reason I love being in her studio. Getting lost in creativity for hours in her studio is pure BLISS!!!!!