The 11th Orange – the Art and Art Therapies Studio

Contemporary Artist and Art Therapist, Laurie Maves Guglielmi, opened The 11th Orange in March of 2019 as an arts and art therapies studio. The 1400 sq. foot building in the Gillespie Park neighborhood of downtown Sarasota, Florida, acts as a centrally located creative space, where new or seasoned artists and creatives can bloom or blossom. Laurie’s signature class, the “BE FREE” free themed large scale abstract painting experience was created to mirror the way Laurie finds most freeing to work – with canvas or surfaces stapled directly to the wall – which enables students to experience their work large-scale with their entire body. Laurie focuses on the process of painting and connecting with the thoughts and emotions a person may be experiencing, rather than on the finished product. She feels that if a person is open and positive to the flow of the creative experience, the product naturally will be a reflection of that process. She is supportive of any student who may want to try their hand at mark making. Abstract painting is for everyone. You can indeed “Find freedom in a brush,” as she often comments.