“Samurai Phoenix”

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“Samurai Phoenix” 42″x47″ mixed media on nylon, 2018
This painting was created simultaneously with the painting “When You See the Forest.” in July of 2018. Both were made to honor my two sons, one named Forest and the other Mason. This painting reflects the essence of my youngest boy, Mason. I have had a number of dreams of my youngest son throughout his life, where it seems he is drowning and I am unable to save him. A few minutes later, he always appears, walking gracefully and steadily from the ocean onto the beach where I’ve been mourning his loss, he looks at me and says, “hey mom,” like nothing happened. This always leads me to believe that whatever may happen to him in life, that he will rise from the situation, like a phoenix. The “Samurai” reference comes from the well-known musician Dave Matthews, who wrote the song, “Samurai Cop.” This song reminds me always of Mason. “Oh Joy Begin…”
“Samurai Phoenix” is an intuitive abstract painting with mixed media on commercial grade printing nylon.  Print options are available.
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