“In the Midst Of My Life”

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“In The Midst Of My Life”
oil stick and acrylic with mixed media on canvas
is an intuitive abstract painting with mixed media on canvas.  This original painting is un-stretched and can be shipped to the collector, rolled in a tube. Stretching and framing options can also be arranged with the artist.  Print options are available.  Purchase inquiries should be directed to the artist via this contact form.  All rights reserved by Laurie Maves ART. 

About "In The Midst Of My life"

Oftentimes in my studio, I listen to music as I work. Sometimes it’s quiet, but most times there is something ambient or classical in the background.  During the two feverish days I spent on this piece, I was spending some time with Max Richter and his album “Voyager.”  Voyaging is often what it feels like to be an intuitive painter.  Every time I approach the canvas, its as if I prepare myself to take a little trip, and have no idea what my final destination will be. It can be the most exhilarating experience indeed.  Nearing what I felt could be the end of this particular pink painting, the song “Dream 3 (in the midst of my life)” came on. This song has a definite pull for me, takes me on a voyage of space and time whenever I have the chance to listen to it intently. And I knew immediately this was the title of the painting, “In The Midst of My Life,” as that is where I seem to be at this very moment.

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