“Flamenco in Red”

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“Flamenco In Red” 60″x60,” mixed media on canvas, 2018


is an intuitive abstract painting with mixed media on canvas.  This original painting is un-stretched and can be shipped to the collector, rolled in a tube. Stretching and framing options can also be arranged with the artist. Print options are available. Purchase inquiries should be directed to the artist via this contact form.  All rights reserved by Laurie Maves ART. 

About "Flamenco In Red"

Every painting has a story to it, no matter how large or insignificant, no matter how crazy or sane.  All of my intuitive abstract paintings seem to result from a connectedness to something bigger than ourselves, and it always amazes me when the process just flows like milk (whatever that means). Minimizing the planning while developing a composition and allowing the painting to paint itself has become my most recent process for my approach to painting.  “Flamenco in Red” is about the following metaphor, as this is what I see when I look at the painting now:

“She’s somewhere in between dancing and flying. The thoughts and feelings of her life stammer in her mind. When she finds she may be losing, she stomps her feet only to find life is kinder when she allows the events to swing and sway around her. There is no winning. There is no losing. There is just from here to here” 

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