“Dead Crush”

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“Dead Crush,”  stretched to 44″x50″,” mixed media on canvas, 2018,
is an intuitive abstract painting with mixed media on canvas.  This original painting is Stretched, wired and ready to hang, but can be shipped to the collector, rolled in a tube. Stretching and framing options can also be arranged with the artist.  Print options are available.  Purchase inquiries should be directed to the artist via this contact form.  All rights reserved by Laurie Maves ART. 

About "Dead Crush"

“Extraordinarily pretty teeth. Beauty lingers out of reach. You’re my DC oh Lee, oh.  Man Ray went cray cray over you. Capturing but never captured.  You’re my DC oh Lee, oh.” lyrics from the song Deadcrush by the England-based trio alt-J. 

Most of my paintings are inspired by something somewhere – a meditation, a poem, a symphony or simply in this case, a song. I’ve made many paintings over the past 20 years based on songs. This painting I call “Deadcrush,” because as I was working on it in my studio one afternoon, I was listening to the album “Relaxer,” by the band alt-J. Once in awhile I will hear some new music and it will take over my brain, my studio and sometimes my paintings.  This song came on as I was nearing the completion of the painting, which now to me looks like an exploding heart. The song tells some examples of “deadcrushes,” which one can make of it what one will.  The beat of this song, for me, is undeniable to a level that I just stop and bounce around my studio every time I hear it.  The beat takes me over to this day – as it took over my mark making nearing the end of this painting.  I knew immediately that the song would also be the title of the painting. 

When I made “Dead Crush,” I in no way was “conscious” of any heart like shape or form, and to this day, I may be the only person who sees it, and that’s o.k.  I do hear the music in my head, however, every time I lay eyes on this painting, and that’s always a fascinating process for me – that images and mark making does that for me in a way no other process can do.

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