Art Therapy and the Expressive Arts

Laurie is pictured here discussing a workshop participant's painting at Art Factory 44 in Sarasota

As life can bring us a thousand joys, it can also bring us unpredictable challenges and occasionally life altering losses. And as we continue to become an increasing digital and virtual society, it seems we spend less and less time working with our hands, hearts and minds in creative ways.  When we are faced with stress and stressful situations, we seem to lack healthy ways of actually coping with everyday problems.  Laurie wants to help others find not only joy in the creative process of painting, but to also help others discover one’s intuitive creative problem-solving abilities through art making. Throughout her entire life, fine artist and art therapist Laurie Maves Guglielmi has both formally and informally utilized the creative process to not only find the health in herself, but has had extensive experience in facilitating this process for others.  Art and mark making helps one to find a voice and express thoughts, feelings and emotions, that words just simply cannot accommodate.  Laurie has over twenty years experience as a masters level art therapist (MAAT degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1997) and a lifetime experience as a creative and an artist.  In Sarasota, she works from her studio, “The 11th Orange” – a studio dedicated to teaching her “BE FREE” large scale free-themed abstract painting classes  as well as facilitating other art and expressive therapies and workshops 

For a complete calendar of classes and workshops, visit EVENTBRITE to register
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