Laurie Maves

Laurie Maves

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Laurie Maves is a Denver-based Visual Artist and Live Performance Painter.

She firmly believes she is here on this planet to make your painting.

She paints Everything! From poppies to lollipop heads, ham sandwiches to Marilyn Monroe, and even elephants to energy to marriage proposals, Laurie is the internationally commissioned “portrait” painter.

Laurie LOVES a lot of things! In addition to her painting, she loves the people she surrounds herself with, the ever challenging practice of yoga, and the fanciful world of collaborations. She feels that she shines her brightest when she finds other creative souls to conspire with. She has collaborated with musicians, animators, story tellers, photographers and poets.

Laurie Maves is also an artist who wants to promote the concept of living one’s life with purpose. As an creative being, she is constantly finding ways to bring her works to the world, to inspire, to motivate, to facilitate creativity and promote love throughout the universe. She knows in her soul that this is a GARGANTUAN task but what else is there to do if she wants to live her life with purpose?

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