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  • Laurie Maves ART on Migration and living in Sarasota, Florida June 5, 2017
    Recently I moved my painting studio and home from Denver, Colorado to Sarasota, Florida. I have been in Florida for about a month now, and the change in climate is truly the kind of change I was hoping for. Dramatic, thick, rich, colorful and predictably unpredictable. The sunshine state can be sunny, but it can […]
    Laurie Maves ART
  • a pocket full of artful empathy March 8, 2017
    Historically I made paintings about people, places or things. Representational art that was always about somebody, somewhere or something. I never really cared for abstract paintings much, because I could never bother to understand them, or even try for that matter. My life went though a series of over hauls the past decade. Maybe that's just […]
    Laurie Maves ART