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  • a pocket full of artful empathy March 8, 2017
    Historically I made paintings about people, places or things. Representational art that was always about somebody, somewhere or something. I never really cared for abstract paintings much, because I could never bother to understand them, or even try for that matter. My life went though a series of over hauls the past decade. Maybe that's just […]
    Laurie Maves ART
  • "Interstellar" A Timelapse Painting Transformation by Laurie Maves ART February 28, 2017
    This video is about the transformation of one of Laurie Maves' abstract paintings from 2015. The latter part of 2015 was one of the most difficult periods in her personal life. A time of disappointment and defeat, her paintings could only reflect as much. But as time provides healing for most everyone, transforming paintings serve […]
    Laurie Maves ART